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Godot for Switch homebrew 2019-10-27

After much procrastination and lack of time, Godot is finally here. Maybe. I don't have much experience in game dev/actually using Godot... but I have lots of experience in programming - please use this and break it so I can fix it!

Known issues:

A custom build of the Godot editor with Switch exporter support can be found here - this is not technically required, but is probably easier than editing the export template yourself. The source code can be found here if you want to help with development.

How do I release my game with this?

Use the Switch exporter - it'll generate a .nro with your name/author etc and a .pck file with the game assets. Put both of these in a folder and it should show up properly in hbmenu when the folder is placed into /switch/.

Where can I get help?

The GitHub issues page - I have also created a Discord guild that you can join at https://discord.gg/yUC3rUk.

Thanks, credits, etc